[Hungarologia] "The Hungarian writer of the Lost Time" (ed. Tibor Gintli) - the first English companion to Gyula Krúdy's work / Megjelent az első angol nyelvű Krúdy-tanulmánykötet

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University of Jyväskylä's Hungarian Studies Program's Spectrum
Hungarologicum proudly presents the publication of the first English
language companion to Gyula Krúdy's work. "The Hungarian writer of the Lost
Time: memory and poetical imitation in Gyula’s Krúdy work" is edited by
Tibor Gintli and this is the 8th volume of Spectrum Hungarologicum.

The open-access publication can be downloaded in pdf-format from the link

Abstract: Gyula Krúdy’s (1878-1933) oeuvre admittedly represents a peculiar
 kind of conundrum within the confines of literary modernism in
 Hungarian literature. While the most significant authors of the early
 20th century drew inspiration from Western European literary forms
 and preferred to distance their works from previous prose traditions,
 Krúdy’s fiction remained closely linked to those narrative forms
 inherent to 19th century Hungarian prose. His motive for continuing
 to use these narrative forms did not stem from a blind desire to follow
 tradition, but rather originated from a conscious effort to renew and
 reform the heritage bequeathed upon him by past authors. Thus, the
 strange dichotomy that characterizes Krúdy’s works forces readers to
 raise the following question: how is it that an author whose
 experiments in fiction proved far more innovative than anything else
 written by his generation still not be considered a modern author—
 even by the majority of his contemporaries?  In Krúdy’s fiction, imitation
is the process by which the past is  evoked and narrative memory is
created; his usage of imitation therefore embraces two characteristics that
most define his oeuvre. It
 is for this reason that a collection of essays focusing on the correlation
 between memory and imitation in works by Gyula Krúdy seems not
 only appropriate, but also a meaningful way to introduce this  unique
author to readers less familiar with Hungarian literature.


A Jyväskyläi Egyetem Hungarológia Programjának Spectrum Hungarologicum című
kiadványsorozatának 8. köteteként megjelent az első angol nyelvű
Krúdy-tanulmánykötet. A könyvet Gintli Tibor szerkesztette, címe: "The
Hungarian writer of the Lost Time: memory and poetical imitation in Gyula’s
Krúdy work".

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