[Hungarologia] Debrecen Summer University 2013

Kristof Fenyvesi fenyvesi.kristof at gmail.com
2013. Ápr. 6., Szo, 12:57:30 CEST

Dear Colleague,
Let me call your attention to the academic courses to be launched by the
University of Debrecen in the summer of 2013. A first in Hungary, the brand
new program will be run in close collaboration between the University and
Debrecen Summer School.
The broadening scope of EU student mobility, the increasing number of
international students studying in Debrecen and the paramount importance of
cooperation, on domestic and international levels, have all contributed to
creating new requirements. To meet them, the more than 100-year-old UD has
set out to offer specific-interest courses to both Hungarian and
international students. The range of this program is expected to be
progressively expanded, thus providing overseas guests with opportunities
for intensive studies complete with recreation and interesting tidbits of
Hungarian culture. On the other hand, Hungarian students will also get a
chance to explore various fields of their chosen profession in English and
in a truly international milieu.
The English-language courses will cover a wide range of disciplines from
the arts through history to natural sciences. All of them have been
designed and will be conducted by faculty with substantial international
The subject matters of the courses scheduled for summer 2013 are as follows:
- Modern Hungary: Hungarian History and Culture in the 19th-20th Centuries
- Hidden Treasures of Hungary: Natural and Cultural Tourist Attractions
- Molecular Logic of Life
- Communist and Post-Communist Hungarian Cinema
- Clinical Psychology and Testing
- A Historical and Literary Survey of Travel Writing on/in Hungary
- The Unknown Transylvania: Legends and Facts
- Hungarian Music History: The Colorful Story of a Nation
It would be very much appreciated if you could inform your students about
this great opportunity.
Attached please find the English-
language course descriptions complete with DSS’s registration form. Applicants
can express their wish to attend the course(s) of their choice by emailing
the latter with their details to debrecen at nyariegyetem.hu.
To ask for further information, please send an e-
mail to Dr. Péter Szaffkó (peterszaffko at yahoo.com) or visit DSS’s official
website: http://www.nyariegyetem.hu/kurzusok.php
Yours faithfully,
Dr. Péter Szaffkó
Debreceni Nyári Egyetem
Debrecen Summer School
Sommeruniversitat Debrecen

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